Branda has decades of experience helping companies design, select, fabricate, deploy and measure their trade show display programs.

Trade show exhibits and displays typically fall into one of three categories – Portable Modular, Custom Modular, and Custom. Branda has been working with partners for decades to craft solutions for clients in these categories. We pride ourselves on providing the utmost quality, service and helping you find the right solution.
The right solution will help you:
• Attract prospects, partners, investors, media and employee candidates.
• Communicate your business and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
• Be easy to manage the operation, logistics, assembly (I&D) and ROI.

The Four P’s:
our 4P’s for event marketing will get you thinking beyond the booth

You are probably familiar with the traditional “4P’s of Marketing”, or the modern day “5P’s of Marketing” (Positioning). We’ve adopted our own approach when it comes to the 4P’s for trade shows & event marketing.

People | Planning | Productivity | Promotion People

To be effective in face2face marketing, you need the right mix of people in the equation. On one side is your company representatives, on the other side is your prospects and those in need of your product or service. The challenge is to find common ground for engagement so your values can align to create a fit for opportunity.

Clearly defining goals and objectives is important when wanting to create a strategy for your project. Planning is a systematic approach to allocating resources and actions over the course of the project. Creating timelines is critical to raise awareness before, during and after your events.

Being able to gauge the response and opportunities created is essential in order to measure effectiveness to creating value for your program. We’ll help you set benchmarks and develop KPI’s for your program.

Implementing a strategy to create engagement and visibility for your product or service – before, during and after your event.